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Barbie Doll Cake

Barbie doll cake ni ditempah oleh Mrs Quek dari Puchong.
Mrs Quek request real barbie doll, so after makan cake ni, doll ni terus dijadikan hadiah untuk Siroun. Request warna light/baby pink.
Mencabar juga buat barbie yang ini sebabnya menggunakan real barbie doll(ada kaki). Makan masa membuatnya.
Anyway, thank u so much for your order Mrs Quek.


Quek Shan Shan said...
6/15/2010 10:36 AM

All my guest were impressed to see the beautiful Barbie Doll cake from Inhousecakes. I felt so 'sayang' to cut the cake. The kek texture was delicious too! Siroun was so proud of having a cake like this. She asked for the same next year! Kudos!!!

Siroun's mom

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